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10:30 Opening Session
Session details to be published soon
11:00 Performance & Costs 1: Yield Potential
Assessing the Potential of PV-Powered Urban Buses
Miguel Brito, University of Lisbon
Predicting Output Power of Vehicle-Integrated Photovoltaics Applying Shading Probability of Objects around the Road
Yasuyuki Ota, University of Miyazaki
Estimation of the Solar Resource for VIPV in an Urban Environment Using Photographs
Ruben Nuñez, Instituto de Energía Solar, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
PV2Go: a Citizen Science Approach to Measure Vehicle Irradiation
Christian Schill, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
12:00 Discussion & Break
12:30 Performance & Costs 2: Economy & Sustainability
VIPV Energy Yield Modelling Method for Dynamic Scenarios
Neel Patel, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Potential of VIPV in Sustainable Mobility and Possible Business Case as Ad-hoc Grid/House Support
Ashish Binani, TNO
PV-Powered Passenger Vehicles: Possible Contribution to CO2 Reduction for the Future
Keiichi Komoto, Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd.
13:15 Discussion & Break
13:45 Performance & Costs 3: Partial Shading & Curvature
Energy Yield Gain Simulations of Various Shade-Tolerant Module Layout Designs in Curved VIPV Roof under Shadow-Rich Conditions
Apostolos Bakovasilis, imec / KU Leuven
Energy Yield Modelling of 3D Curved VIPV Modules - Yield Optimization through Module Design Adaptation
Sebastian Neven-du Mont, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
Estimation of the Partial Shading Effect on Vehicle-Integrated Photovoltaics Using Equivalent Circuit Model under High-Speed Operation
Kento Hirata, University of Miyazaki
Development of Modelling and Characterization Tools for VIPV Technology
Javier Macías, Instituto de Energía Solar - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
15:15 Poster Session
IoT Sensor for Vehicle-Integrated Photovoltaics (VIPV)
Sergio Vera Muñoz, Instituto de Energia Solar
Estimation of Solar Radiation onto Vehicle’s Body Using Shading Probability Based on Spherical Image
Akio Kawabata, University of Miyazaki
Electric Vehicles Powered with PV Electricity as a New Driver for Photovoltaics and EVs
Urs Walter Muntwyler, Engineering Office Muntwyler/ PV LAB BFH-TI
15:45 Social Event: Speed Dating